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Please verify that the information below is consistent with the site you are visiting:

Server Information
Organization - The Benefit Company, Inc.
Locality - Columbia
State - South Carolina
Country - US
Common Name - Benefitfirst
Issued By Comodo / User Trust Network
Certificate Valid Until
August 18, 2018

To ensure that you have reached a legitimate site, make sure that:

  • The URL of this site is;
  • The URL begins with "https:" (the "s" indicates a secure session — a URL that begins with "http:" is NOT secure); and
  • The Server Certificate has not expired. Refer to the "Valid Until" date above, or you can right-click on this page to view certificate properties.

You may submit sensitive data to this site with the assurance that:

  • This site runs on a web server with a trusted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) server certificate installed;
  • Comodo Class 3 Security Services CA has verified the organizational name and that THE BENEFIT COMPANY INC. has the proof of right to use it;
  • This site legitimately runs under the authority of THE BENEFIT COMPANY, INC.; and
  • All information sent to this site in a secured session is encrypted, protecting against disclosure to third parties.

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