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Payroll Connection

Seamlessly transfer employee data updates from your payroll system to Benefitfirst™ as well as deduction updates from Benefitfirst back to your payroll system. To make full use of the optional Payroll Connection, your payroll system must be capable of exporting and importing the required data fields in an Excel or delimited/flat file format.

  • Weekly payroll/eligibility audits
  • Automatic payroll-deduction updates
  • Routine exports to payroll or HRIS systems

About Benefitfirst™

Benefitfirst™ is a private cloud-based benefits management product that automates and supports an employer's complete benefits cycle with an unmatched focus on accuracy. It is business rules driven and includes routine exports to carriers/TPAs and standard weekly audits – ensuring an eligibility error rate of less than 1%.

Benefits Communication

We offer customized communications and enrollment services tailored to your benefits program. We will provide a customized enrollment packet to each eligible employee that includes:

  • A personal benefits summary
  • Easy-to-understand benefits guide
  • Consolidated election form (in case a paper enrollment method is needed)
  • Benefits worksheets

Also available are video and PowerPoint presentations for group meetings or online access, as well as a customized benefit website to educate employees on making the most of their benefit options.

For open enrollment, new hire enrollment or status changes, Benefitfirst™ makes benefit options clear and enrollment simple.

Customer Care Center

We're dedicated to first-call resolution for benefits questions, eligibility issues and enrollment support. The Benefits Customer Care Center is staffed with benefit specialists who are trained on your company's benefits. If an employee needs elevated assistance that the benefit specialist cannot provide, the specialist will direct the employee to your company's Human Resources department for assistance.

  • Voice-recorded enrollment elections
  • Call tracking and reporting
  • Bilingual (Spanish)

Wellness Tools

Benefitfirst™ offers several wellness tools to help create, track and integrate employee wellness scores as part of your enrollment process. These tools seamlessly integrate with any wellness program you have in place.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is typically the first step in any modern multi-component wellness program. Through a strategic alliance, Benefitfirst offers a fully integrated HRA portal that allows your employees to self-assess their health on an HRA form. You can use the HRA as a requirement for wellness incentives, as well as to identify health risks and provide recommendations for improvement.

Wellness Incentive Management
Premium discounts are one of the most effective wellness program incentives. But tracking and applying incentive data is a common challenge for already swamped HR professionals.

Benefitfirst’s Wellness Incentive Management product helps relieve that challenge by tracking employee wellness scores and applying premium discounts – accurately and on time. Benefitfirst allows you to track a wellness result for up to three activities using scores of 0, 1, 2 or 3. Wellness requirements can include completing an HRA, getting a biometric health screening, watching an online video – whatever you choose.

Variable-Hour Employee Tracking

Track and report on average hours of variable-hour employees to determine whether to offer or terminate health coverage for the upcoming stability period. Also tracks and reports on variable-hour employees trending toward eligibility for health coverage. (Also available as standalone product.)

ACA Employer Reporting

Employers face multiple reporting, calculation and employee notification requirements with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – all of which demand accurate, dependable and easy-to-retrieve benefits data. The Benefitfirst™ ACA Data Management Center offers data and reporting capabilities specifically designed to help you meet ACA reporting and tracking requirements:

  • W-2 reporting
  • PCORI reporting
  • Employer madate
  • Variable-hour employee tracking
  • Employer ACA reporting

Federal COBRA/HIPAA Compliance

With Benefitfirst™, COBRA and HIPAA administration is a one-step process. Just terminate the employee or dependent and Benefitfirst will handle the rest. We will terminate the coverage with all carriers and offer COBRA to all eligible individuals, as well as Letters of Creditable Coverage for HIPAA compliance. If an eligible individual elects COBRA, Benefitfirst will reinstate coverage with each carrier and forward the premium to you.

  • Initial notices
  • Event notices
  • Online reporting
  • Letters of Creditable Coverage

Wrap SPD Documents

The Benefitfirst™ Wrap SPD product offers a simple way to ensure compliance by “wrapping” the missing ERISA-required information around carrier-provided documents. Our base SPD Wrap Document was created by outside legal counsel to be compliant with ERISA content requirements.

While not a legal or accounting firm, our organization has the benefits expertise to help you prepare a custom Wrap SPD for applicable benefit plans.

  • Benefitfirst is the system of record for the employer’s and the carriers’ benefits data. It ensures that accurate data feeds all systems and processes down the line.
  • Benefitfirst was built to ensure accuracy. It eliminates errors to help ensure your plan data has an error ratio of well under 1 percent.
  • Benefitfirst is SSAE 16 certified, validating that all user and system processes – both automated and manual – are on par with or surpass the best in the industry.

Dependent Eligibility Audits

The Dependent Eligibility Audit identifies, reports and terminates covered dependents who are not eligible for your organization's health plans. Industry trends show that 5-15% of dependents are ineligible for company-provided benefits. Ineligible dependents can translate to an erroneous annual claims expense of approximately $250,000 per 1,000 dependents on the plan. Our dependent audit service includes:

  • Comprehensive fulfillment
  • Response tracking and reporting
  • Call center support

Annual Benefits Statements

A strong benefits package is key to attracting and retaining top talent - but only if employees know what you make available to them. Our Annual Benefits Statements illustrate employer contributions for all employee benefits, including major medical, life, accident, retirement, Social Security, Medicare, federal unemployment and workers' compensation. These benefit statements are a valuable way to help your employees understand and appreciate the true value of their "hidden paycheck."

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