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Benefitfirst™ simplifies enrollment for you and your employees. It can help educate your employees on their benefits with videos, benefits guides, personal benefits summaries and other communication tools available on- or off-line. It can also help increase your benefits participation rates by providing an easy and enjoyable enrollment experience.

Benefitfirst technology provides a website customized not only to your company but also to each employee, providing the greatest amount of convenience, accuracy and security in enrollment.

About Benefitfirst™

Benefitfirst™ is a private cloud-based benefits management product that automates and supports an employer's complete benefits cycle with an unmatched focus on accuracy. It is business rules driven and includes routine exports to carriers/TPAs and standard weekly audits – ensuring an eligibility error rate of less than 1%.

Routine Audits

Employee benefits are accompanied by a long and complicated list of eligibility requirements. With thousands of records and transactions and varying eligibility rules among multiple carriers, companies or even vendors that "reconcile bills" simply don't have the tools or the time to audit every record and every transaction against every eligibility rule every week like Benefitfirst™ does.

In fact, maintaining accuracy through Benefitfirst triples our workload. But it can reduce your administration time by up to 80%. Keeping errors out of your eligibility data is an ongoing process. Benefitfirst eliminates errors before they affect your billing, deductions, claims and employee coverage.

Carrier Exports

To ensure carriers always have the latest employee benefits data, Benefitfirst transmits electronic file feeds to your carriers/TPAs each week. And our routine exports to payroll/HRIS systems keep your payroll data, Benefitfirst’s data and each carrier’s data in sync


The Benefitfirst eligibility management system can generate audited self-bills for life and disability plans each month. And our weekly eligibility audits means you can greatly reduce or eliminate time-consuming bill reconciliation and costly billing errors for all your benefit plans.

ACA Compliance

Our ACA Data Center provides the data management and reporting capabilities you need to stay in compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including W-2 reporting, PCORI reporting, employee notices, hours tracking and benefit declination tracking and reporting.

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